Trial Manufacture;Teisan Ogane Diecasting Co,.Ltd is a maker specialized in casting

Our Vision & Values

  1. We are always focused on satisfying the needs of our customers with stable supplies for die-cast aluminum.
  2. We always try to develop highly valuable products to meet the potential marketneeds.
  3. We contribute to the development of the community through environmental preservation activity and community service.

Human Resources

We have been trying to provide a challenging workplace where our employees can make the most of and polish their abilities since foundation. We have long experience of accepting the trainees from the globe, especially from Brazil. They are very industrious in working and able to understand and accept the Japanese ways of thinking. Now they have become one of our employees we are proud of.

High Quality in Products

Not only have we been introducing the state-of-the-art hardware, but also pouring our energies into quality control management. As a result of these efforts, we have achieved the steep decrease in damage occurrence rate in recent years. We think our strength also comes from the frequent communication among employees with visualized materials and numbers.

Your Best Partners

Everything comes from customers. We do everything for the customers to be able to have advantage over competitors through deals with us. As a professional in the die-cast aluminum industry, we are able to provide you better solutions even if the inquiries from you appear to be very difficult to achieve. Only continuing to meet your requests makes us meaningful to you in the business, and that is our mission.

Application of Know-How

We survive for 40 years in the die-cast aluminum industry. It is because we have been able to accumulate the die-cast technology and knowledge through cooperation with customers. Now it is time for us to return the technology and knowledge to you. We have decided to introduce a new service, which is called “on-demand products”. Now, needs for lot, shape, and lead-time have become various. We do our best to meet your request  with flexibility. Also we are ready to respond to products from other industries than motorcycles. So please call us anytime and anywhere you feel unsatisfied in the current deal.  

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