Trial Manufacture;Teisan Ogane Diecasting Co,.Ltd is a maker specialized in casting
The flow to trial manugacture

We cope with three manufacturing processes casting, deflashig shots.

Trial manufacture request
 ●You can request a trial manufacture by telephone or e-mail ,fax.

We can arrange meetings for the confirmation of customers demands concering such as,
quality,product characteristic. Please contact our staff.


After confirming product weight ,designated quantity,die structure and degree of difficulty,
we make an estimate.

Die confirmation

For near by customers, the confirmation of the die can be available at your office,
but we confirm by an e-mail (photograph)request from customers located further away.

Die receipt

When maintenance of the die is necessary,we will do so our experts staff will test,
analyze,and examine it.

Trial manufacture enforcement

We do this in the presence of customers as a ground rule.
We can change revise,remodel,,the design and  improve it.

Quality confirmation

We request that you confirm the workmanship of the product is up to expectation.

Delivery of goods

We will deliver designated quantity to the designated place.


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