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  • Aren’t you annoyed with clogs in cooling pipes?
  • Aren’t you annoyed with mold-sleeve?

Chief Plant Manager

25 years have passed since I started  in the die-cast industry. What I noticed in my career is that die-casting is like a live animal and that it is very important for me to study every day in order to satisfy our customers. When one of our staff ask me a question about manufacturing, I always try to think about them from many aspects to find the best solutions. We discuss the problems  every time we find some them and not stop discuss them until we find the  solutions.  Through this custom, we have been able to work like one family and one team.

Ar welding Die surface treatment:
spark depot

I always try to deliver  perfect products to the customersline

Plant Leader

I have been working here since I was in high-school.
A meeting with the CEO changed my life.
I really appreciate him employing me.
I always try to produce the products in a way that will please customers.

Continuing to manufacture the high quality products,・・・this is our pride.line


Quality comes first. We manufacture goods based on this principle. Whether in working or not,
I think much of respecting each other whatever  nationality and team work. Morale, cooperation, leadership, and communication・・・these things are the most important things for us to work hard and improve ourselves. These things also make us be proud of working here.

I want to polish my technique.line

Die=Cast Assistant Manager

I used to feel  very uneasy about my work in Japan when I came from Brazil and started to work here.
However, 16 years have passed and I feel very confident in myself. Now I am able to do everything in the workplace.
This is great pleasure for me. I want to be a person who can teach the skills which I got here to the younger generation.



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