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Product Introducton

Surface Parts



We have a long history of supplying  surface parts, whose quality  depends highly on the know-how of operators. You can easily tell the difference between  parts done by craftsman from those done by newcomers. It is not until we find the best condition for manufacturing such as temperature, humidity, and materials that we are able to satisfy you. Even after we have found those conditions, our experts double-check them in order to get rid of any factor that might negatively influence the manufacturing process. All of our staff understand that any tiny mistake could be the first step to failure. Because the value of the product centers on the beauty of the surface, it is always required that our experts take in from the beginning of manufacturing process. Only the products which have passed our strict inspection are carried out to customers.  

Insert Parts

Main products which use insert parts of die include brake-panel, hub, and crank case. However, the number of insert parts is different for each product. Also each product has different characteristics where sophisticated techniques must be required. It is very important to maintain the die in good conditions so that die-cast moves smoothly. So, we always start from the maintenance of dies. Through this process, we can avoid problems  which could lead to delay in delivery. Fortunately, even when problems do occur, our experiences and knowledge, which has accumulated over many  years, enable us to propose the best solutions to solve them .

Response to Emergency

Our philosophy in manufacturing is “Good products can only be achieved through good maintenance of die-casts and machines.” When the machine does not function as it is expected, our trained staffs move quickly to find the causes and remove them. In addition, we identify what caused the trouble, and we don’t resume our manufacturing processes until they are solved. Through the practice of this philosophy, we have been able to modify any tiny gaps and practice fine adjustments to the level to which our customers are satisfied. As a result, our customers always receive exactly what they order quickly and efficiently.  


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