Trial Manufacture;Teisan Ogane Diecasting Co,.Ltd is a maker specialized in casting
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Teisan Ogane Diecast Co.,Ltd
Kazutaka Mizuno
Kazuya Mizuno
May ,1968
1245 Aza Yasuda Oganecho Yokkaichi ,Mie,Japan
Tel +81-59-337-0152
Same as above
Main plant    12000㎡
Building area   3000㎡

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The Mie Bank
The Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ 
Hyakugo Bank
Ogaki Kyouritsu Bank

Kyusyu Yanagawa Seiki Co.,Ltd
Yanagawa Seiki Co.,Ltd
Metts Co.,Ltd
Ahresty  Co.,Ltd
(Toyohashi plant)
Ohtsuka poly-tech Co,.ltd
Hataya mfg Co,.ltd






Ever since we established our business in 1968, we have been providing related business circles with  motorcycle parts ,farm machines and implements, parts for motor parts made by an aluminum die-casting.
The environment surrounding companies has been diversifying and changing intensely.
Now is a very hard to predict the future,but we always wish to stay ahead with new idea ,and a creative attitude.
We Ogane Die-casting Co,.Ltd intend to supply quality die-casting products that customers can appreciate through eco-friendly manufature that will contribute society.
Ogane Die-casting Co,.Ltd aims˝at the company
which I made lively healthy brightly˝and
wants to promote company activities from now on.
We ask you ,our customers to give us more feedback
and guidance continuously.

Representative Director
Kazuya Mizuno

Kazutaka mizuno






June ,1984

May ,1988

May ,2006

May ,2008
July ,2008

We started built-to-order manufacturing of aluminum die-casting motor parts.
Incorporation was established for capital 5,000,000 yen
By 150ton machine introduction made in Toshiba ,I begin the production of parts of farm machines and implements
With the intoroduction of 350ton machine made in Toshiba ,we began producing parts for medium sized products.
Installed all automation (automatic spray/ automatic take off machine/automatic melting hot aluminum machine) to all machines and plan production promotion of efficiency.
Introduced consective smelting furnaces over 320-ton machines and began production of high quality.
A mold release agent collection business was authorized by a new industrial creation business of  Yokkaichi city.
Acquired ISO 14000 ,M-EMS certification.
Staff visited our factory from Chubu Bureau of  Economy Trade and  Industry 

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1245 Aza Yasuda Oganecho Yokkaichi ,Mie,Japan
Tel +81-59-337-0152 Faxz+81-59-337-1539


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